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Traditional aperitif with smashed olives

June 4, 2018 Posted by aperitif 0 thoughts on “Traditional aperitif with smashed olives”

Today our menù starts with an aperitif that brings to the table all the best of the  kitchen from the South:  smashed olives.

A tradition deeply-rooted in many regions of Mezzogiorno among which Calabria and Cilento. These specialities take their origin from a very meticulous recipe developed by local women and handed down generation to generation.

It takes lot of  patience to get a flawless product. The olives, once harvested and separated from the stone,  macerate into a water solution with salt and spices for several days. After this time left to deepen flavor, the olives are squeezed  one by one so as to leave excessive liquid. Only at this step, they can be seasoned with oil, red pepper and garlic.

The olives we select are produced with artisan care according to the traditional recipe and are perfect for fancy aperitifs.  Served with cured meat and trufle bruschetta. Your guests with fall in love with their decisive taste.

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