Whole yellow tomato from Vesuvio DOP

Package: 1062 ml Pot

Ingredients: whole yellow tomato from Vesuvio DOP, water, salt, citric acid.

Product life: 24 months

Production address: Product packed in laboratory of via Novello 21 – 84015


Tipical organoleptic features of the product.

Description of the production process: selection and washing of tomatoes, pot filling, closing and pasteurization.

Storage conditions: room temperature

Parameters                          Unit of measurement                   Tollerances
Net weight                                                  g                                           >690
Ph                                                                –                                             <4,40
Acidity, in citric acid                         %                                           <1
Salt (NaCl)                                               %                                           < 1,5


  • Gluten: missing
  • Shellfish: missing
  • Eggs: missing
  • Fish: missing
  • Peanuts and shell fruit: missing
  • Milk and derivative: missing
  • Soy: missing
  • Celery: missing
  • Mustard: missing
  • Sesame seeds: missing
  • Sulfites: missing
  • Lupins: missing
  • Mollusk: missing

Additional information

Weight 1.086 kg


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